Section 1 Rifles At Helston Gunsmiths

We always have a large selection of new and second hand rifles for sale through our shop. We post some of our deals on this page but if you’d like to know our full range of current rifles in stock please contact us.

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Ruger M77 Mark 2 rifle .243 Calibre

Price: £495.00 inc vat

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7.62 Swing Rifle Sin 71 M4

Price: £975.00

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Enfield Martini C/W Sniper Scope

Price: £990.00 + p&p £10.00

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.22 SMLE by BSA

Price:£795.00 + £10.00 p&p

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.303 Jungle Carbine

Price: £695.00 + £10.00 p&p

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7.62mm No4 MK1 Rifle

Price: £1895.00 + £10.00 p&p


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