Intersting and Unusual Deactivated Weapons At Helston Gunsmiths

This page is for interesting and unusual deactivated weapons including deactivated flintlock weapons, deactivated flare pistols and anything else that doesn’t fit into the other categories.

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Cogswell and Harrison Flare Pistol

Price: £360.00 + £10.00 p&p

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Manton Flintlock

Price: £175.00 + £10.00 p&p

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Webley Signal Pistol No.3 Mk1*

Price: £190.00 (inc p&p)

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Rare Steyer Mannlicher – Schoenauer Rifle

Price: £495.00 + £10.00 p&p

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Winchester Model 94 AE Underlever Rifle

Price: £395.00 + £10.00 p&p


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