Welcome to Helston Gunsmiths.

Situated in Cornwall England our gun shop stocks a wide range of shotguns, rifles and air rifles. We also sell a wide range of deactivated guns so if you’re after a deactivated AK47 or a Glock pistol or even a gold plated Uzi we may have what you’re looking for.

We are also suppliers of ammunition, blank ammunition, scopes, reloading equipment, and shooting accessories and have many items that you can buy online.

We are suppliers to police and military forces for the UK and worldwide. Our laboratory offers specialist services and courses involving weaponry and forensic applications..

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EMAIL: aim@helstongunsmiths.com


Latest Added Products

New scenario in our Forensic Forum!! Email your responses.

New selection of deactivated shotguns now available on our website!!

New Courses now available in our Forensic Section!

New selection of Stock Blanks available in our Spares section on our website!!

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Original Springfield Trapdoor 45/70

Ref: 163

Price: £575.00 + £18.00 p&p

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New Model Navy Revolver

Ref: G07

Price: £175.00 + £15.00 p&p

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Browning Hi Power Project

Price: £468.00 + £15.00 p&p

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Belgium Pinfire Revolver

Ref: G010.

Price: £85.00 + £9.50 p&p

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No 4 MK1 Lee Enfield Rifle

Ref: G015

Price: £345.00 + £15.00 p&p

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SMLE Bolt Action Rifle

Ref: 159

Price: £375.00 + £15.00 p&p


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