Czechoslovakian Model 1927 Semiautomatic Pistol

Commonly known as the CZ 27, this blow-back pistol fired the 7.65mm Browning cartridge. Although under-powered by U.S standards, pistols of this caliber were very widely used by police forces in Europe. The Germans recognized the quality of the pistol when they occupied Czechoslovakia before the outbreak of the Second World War, and they continued manufacture under their own management. Their name for the CZ 27 was ‘Pistole Modell 27 kal. 7.65’.

This particular example appears to have had much use and so retains only a small percentage of its original finish. The action still cocks and fires, the slide can be racked and holds back with an empty magazine is inserted. It has an interesting type of safety which also works and the grips are in good order. It comes complete with a London Proof House Certificate.



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