Smith & Wesson Cal .38 x 200 Model 10 “Victory Model”

In the 1930’s the British army decided to change its standard pistol cartridge from the .455 to .38. The first official revolver in this new calibre was the No.2 Mk1. When the Second World War broke out, Great Britain had inadequate stocks of all small arms, and commercially-made revolvers were bought. Smith & Wesson already had a model well suited for the British .38 x 200 cartridge. S & W called it the Model 10, and then a little later the “Victory Model”. During the war, 570,000 Model 10s were supplied to Commonwealth countries in the .38 x 200 calibre. The U.S used very large quantities of the Model 10 also, but it was chambered for the .38 M & W Special cartridge.

This gun has a sticking mechanism hence price, it is supplied with a London Proof House Certificate.



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