Kalashnikov AMD-65

Produced in Hungary, the AMD-65 has seen a resurgence lately as one of the principal weapons of the Afghan security forces. It has also been largely exported to America as parts kits for rebuilding and commercial sale.

In 1965, FÉG developed the AMD-65, which was intended to be a lighter, more compact version of the AKM- 63. It featured a short 12.5 inch barrel, a thin hollow wire stock, a vertical fore grip, and a muzzle-brake, all coming in at less than 6 pounds.

As the “D” in the AMD name indicates, it was intended for use by paratrooper (“descent”) units, but various other branches of the Hungarian armed forces, such as mechanized infantry, armour, and support units, also took interest. Although this weapon has gained a reputation recently for poor accuracy and reliability, it has been exported in large numbers and will be seen in conflict zones for many years to come.

This particular example has been deactivated to current specification. It comes complete with removable magazine and London Proof House certificate. Ref: C01

Price: £275.00 + £10 p&p


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