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Blank Ammunition for sale at Helston Gunsmiths

Delivery is available for those who are unable to collect. We use TNT and can deliver blank ammunition to a business premises address or to your local firearms dealer anywhere in the uk. Prices for delivery depend upon quantity ordered, please ring or email for a quote.


30-06 Blank Ammunition

Full length Remington blank in bags of 50. Small quantity available only. For link to go with these blanks please visit our magazines and link page.

Price: £45.00 per 100. (Delivery extra.)

7.62 x 51 Blank Ammunition

1992 Manufacture L31A1 green tip. Supplied in boxes of 20. Small quantity available only.

Price: £39.00 per 100. (Delivery extra.)

25 Pounder Blank (Empty)

Condition: New

Price £78.00 + VAT


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