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Forensic Ballistic Laboratories at Helston Factory


An essential asset for it's vast amount of unique information covering all aspects of firearms of interest to the forensic science profession.

We are able to offer assistance, guidance and technical information for 'investigations in progress' or for general enquiries.

The reference library is essential for the vast source of knowledge that is impossible to commit to memory. Information is increasingly held on computer data base making cross referencing quick and easy.

The Staff at Helston Gunsmiths are able to offer a wide range of technical information.

We have specialists who can advise on civilian and military weapons, including shotguns, air rifles and unusual firearms, e.g. humane killers, disguised firearms, de-activated guns and imitation firearms.

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Books available in our Library-

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We also have a large quantity of Emer and IPC for small arms, and small arms components technical drawings.


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