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SMK XS19 Super Grade Power Hunter Package

This package consists of: .22 cal SMK x S19 full power Air Rifle, complete with manual safety… Fibre Optic open sights…. Recoil pad, anti bear trap and wood stock

Accessories supplied:* Two piece double clamp mounts * SMK 4x40 Mildot scope * 250 x BSA Storm 022 pellets * a Swiss Arms full length black gun case with carry handles, Zip pouch for pellets a should sling ... Manufactures instructions for Air Rifle and scope are included.

This package is ideal for vermin destruction, it can deliver the power to dispatch vermin humanely, it is also suitable for field target and plinking, an ever increasing sport!

The total RRP for this package is £252.48, so a considerable saving at Helston’s all in price of £199.00


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