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Early Plastic Grips

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Wooden Grips

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Pachmayr Grips

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New Style Grips

Guide Recoil Spring

Part No 13

Plate Firing Pin Retainer

Part No 20

Spring Extractor

Part No 66

Spring Stud

Part No 46

Extractor Pin

Part No STA 139


Part No 36

Magazine Assembly

Part No 15

Spring Trigger

Part No 29

Hammer and Strut Assembly (Spur Hammer)

Part No 136

Hammer and Strut Assembly (Round Hammer)

Part No 136

Lever Trigger

Part No 26

Pin Hammer Strut

Part No 41

Firing Pin

Part No 18

Pin Sear

Part No 34

Barrel Cam Locking

Part No 1A

Pin Straight Headless Trigger

Part No 63

Bar Sear Lever

Part No 22

Spring Magazine Catch

Part No 31

Support Hammer Spring

Part No 40

Spring Firing Pin

Part No 19

Hi Power 9mm Barrel

Part No 2

Hi Power Captin Tangent Rear Sight

Part No 203

Hi Power Captin Rear Sight Spring

Part No 203/A


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